Lizzo Thinks People Hate Nickelback Because Of Chad Kroeger

‘Jam or Not a Jam’ is a pretty fun program that gives us so many details about what one musician thinks of the other. CBC Music recently hosted Lizzo and made her listen to ‘How You Remind Me’ by Nickelback. The musician jammed to the song and was in disbelief about why the band is hated by people. Later, she came to her own conclusion that perhaps it’s because of Chad Kroeger’s hair.

Lizzo is a singer taking over the contemporary music charts more and more every day. The singer is known for her funny interviews and lively concerts where she makes sure her fans have a good time. Lizzo is also one of the few pop artists who recognize metal music and covers them on stage. You may have heard that she surprised the crowd in Berlin in February by singing Rammstein’s ‘Du Hast’ onstage and getting the audience to sing along with her.

In the recent ‘Jam or Not a Jam,’ the singer also showed her appreciation towards rock, specifically Nickelback. When ‘How You Remind Me’ played in her headphones, Lizzo started jamming to the song. Later, she questioned why people don’t like Nickelback. Yet, she didn’t come up with an answer to that question and said that it might just be because of Chad Kroeger’s blonde perm.

Here is how Lizzo got to the answer herself:

“Why do people not like Nickelback? I feel like Nickelback gets way too much shit. I think that this is a jam. It has a beautiful climax. I don’t know the words, but everybody knows this melody. The beat dropout? Shit. I think they get a lot of shit because he [Kroeger] had a curly blonde perm. That’s the only reason why they get shit. Because this is an amazing song.”

Lizzo specifically loved the climax and beat drops of the song. She seemed to have a lot of fun listening to it, which also strengthened her image in the rock and roll community. Lizzo wasn’t able to find the reasons, but we can tell you that throughout their career, the band was mainly criticized for making their songs in accordance with the popular subgenres of rock at the time. They were blamed for working to be popular, which was against the principles of rock and roll. They were also criticized because people thought they didn’t have well-constructed songs, except for ‘How You Remind Me.’