Stephen Pearcy Calls His Former Ratt Bandmates ‘Clowns’

Stephen Pearcy has been repeatedly asked about the possibility of a Ratt reunion, including in a recent interview with That Rocks!. During the interview, the frontman shared his thoughts and was again asked whether he would be willing to reunite with the remaining original members. Pearcy responded with the following:

“Yeah, and the reason being is I can’t; I’ve gotten my sh*t together, it’s taken years and years, and I’m not gonna die out there with these f*cking clowns. It just ain’t gonna happen. It’s not worth it; I’d rather be a happy guy. I mean, come on, I’m gonna go swimming naked with Christy here in a minute; that’s life. That’s living.”

The frontman shared his disappointment for the remaining band members. He said:

“I love to think yeah, but nobody’s f*cking calling me up and [say], ‘Hey, I gotta tell you, you can only take so much sh*t.’ I can be nice, but there’s only so much you can do. I tried, I put the word out; I’d love to do a Ratt record with the rest of the guys and nothing. So what can you do? I mean, I hope people understand. It’s not like I f*cking know anybody anything anyway. I’ve done my time, believe me.”

Pearcy has previously expressed his thoughts on the possibility of a reunion in several interviews. During one interview, the lead singer mentioned that the egos of the other band members, excluding the bass player, could hinder a reunion. He also stated that even if he were to participate in a reunion only with the bass player, it would not be genuine for the fans.

Additionally, he expressed his wish to play in a band again, but he seems unwilling to attempt it on his own.

See the interview below.