Slash Thinks Axl Rose Would’ve Been Canceled After ‘One In A Million’ Controversy

Canceling a popular figure now might take a few thousand tweets, and constant media attention as the word gets around fast, but luckily we’re not here to judge or argue if canceling someone is right or wrong. However, during a recent chat with Yahoo Entertainment, Slash shared he believed that Axl Rose and Guns N’ Roses would’ve definitely got canceled if the ‘One in a Million’ controversy were to take place in today’s age.

If you have a tough time remembering what the debate surrounding ‘One in a Million’ was about, as it’s been almost more than two decades since the song was released, let us remind you what happened at the time. So, GN’R released the track in 1988, and ever since its featured album, ‘GN’R Lies,’ hit the shelves, people have not been particular fans of it, and they have their good reason for it.

You see, even though Rose had gone off with failing apologies or, at times, even defended his words, the track had been accused of homophobia, nativism, and racism due to its problematic lyrics. So, when Slash was asked what would have occurred if the song were to be released today and how Rose would’ve been canceled, he noted that not only Axl but the band would have got canceled too.

“I actually haven’t thought about it in that context,” said the guitarist as he discussed the culture of canceling famous figures and if Axl would’ve been inducted into the long list of canceled celebrities. “I mean, I really, to be honest, I haven’t really thought about all that that much recently but now [that] you mention it. Most of everything that we did, whatever [the] problem was, canceled on this day and age.”

He continued by noting that the band would’ve surely been canceled if the song were to be released today. Slash added, “We would not have fared well in this environment for sure. I mean, on so many different levels, right? But that’s just, you know, I mean, a lot of things from back then would not build what we’ve considered acceptable at this moment in time.”

So, it seemed evident to the guitarist that the track didn’t have the best attitude, and today’s culture would indeed cancel not only Axl but the entire band. Slash also noted how the song and most of their moves back in the day were controversial, and it looked like GN’R wouldn’t probably have survived this environment if they were to start today.