Roger Taylor Recalls Working With David Bowie, ‘We Had Too Much To Drink’

Queen drummer Roger Taylor gave an interview to Classic Rock in which he remembered the time he worked with David Bowie, and they had so much to drink together.

In 1981, Queen worked with David Bowie on the single ‘Under Pressure.’ Rather than a planned collaboration, this was a spontaneous recording as Bowie happened to be recording at the same studio as the Queen members. Following the release, the song became a major success, and it reached No. 1 in the UK charts.

Although the song ‘Under Pressure’ was included on the 1982 album ‘Hot Space,’ it was recorded way ahead of the album. In this album, David Bowie collaborated with Queen on another song as well. Titled ‘Cool Cat,’ the song initially featured Bowie on backing vocals, but the musician requested his vocals be removed as he was unhappy with the results.

While on his ‘Outsider Tour’ in October 2021, Roger Taylor paid tribute to David Bowie by performing a cover version of his ‘Heroes.’ In a recent interview with Classic Rock, he also revealed that he collaborated with Bowie for a cover of ‘Criminal World,’ and the music icon later reworked and included this song in his 1983 album ‘Let’s Dance.’

During the conversation, Roger Taylor recalled when he recorded ‘Criminal World’ with David Bowie. He said that the result of these recordings wasn’t pleasant as they probably had too much to drink. Following that, Taylor recalled Bowie did another version of the song for his ‘Let’s Dance,’ but he added that he doesn’t think they recorded anything else together.

On his work with David Bowie, Roger Taylor told Classic Rock the following:

“I did a version with him of ‘Criminal World,’ which wasn’t very good, actually. I think we had probably had too much to drink. Then he did another version that came out on ‘Let’s Dance’… Hmmm, I don’t think we did anything else.

It’s all a bit hazy. No, nothing that I can remember, anyway. Mind you, I do keep hearing things that I’ve forgotten we did. I would have loved to have done more with David because I found him a joy and a delight and an extraordinary person.”

On October 1, 2021, Roger Taylor released his sixth solo album titled ‘Outsider.’ Soon after, Taylor embarked on a 14-date solo tour in the UK between October 2 and October 22. On one date, he also sang ‘Heroes’ by David Bowie.

You can check out Roger Taylor’s cover of ‘Heroes’ below.