Slash Shares Guns N’ Roses Secret To Keeping The Peace In The Band

Guns N’ Roses lead guitarist Slash spoke to Rolling Stone Magazine and remembered when the problems between him and the band’s frontman Axl Rose arose, which led to his departure. Also, the musician unveiled their way of handling the issues to achieve peace in the band.

GN’R released their fifth studio album entitled ‘The Spaghetti Incident?’ on November 23, 1993, which was a cover record. The band performed old punk and hard rock songs such as ‘Attitude,’ ‘Black Leather,’ ‘You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory,’ and ‘I Don’t Care About You.’ It received very positive reviews from their fans who didn’t know that the next album would turn into a nightmare.

The band worked on the next album, ‘Chinese Democracy,’ for almost ten years, and it caused great tensions between the band members. Axl Rose had issues with nearly every band member during its creation process because of creative and personal differences. Therefore Slash, Gilby Clarke, Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum left Guns N’ Roses in the mid-1990s. Rose recruited new musicians to finish the album and released it on November 23, 2008.

After the ‘problematic’ record’s release, Axl Rose reunited with McKagan and Slash in 2015, and they have been working on the band’s new records, concerts, and tours ever since. During Slash’s recent interview, the reporter wanted to know the secret behind this ongoing peace along with the harmony in Guns N’ Roses. Slash responded by saying that they decided to figure out their problems with each other by keeping them private.

Here’s what the journalist asked:

“What’s the secret to keeping the peace in Guns N’ Roses these days?”

Slash responded:

Just keeping it to ourselves. The biggest issue was that as the band got huge, as street-smart as I’d love to say the band was at the time, music-business people really inserted themselves in between our regular relationships and had a real negative effect on thins. It ended up causing me to leave, and then being as stubborn as I am, I didn’t look back.”

Slash didn’t forget to remind the reporter of his departure because of various problems and how he realized that the competition and the other aspects of the music business damaged their relationships over the years. Therefore it seems like Guns N’ Roses members have figured out what led to their hiatus in the first place and hopefully will not repeat their mistakes.