Buffalo Springfield’s Richie Furay Calls Jim Morrison ‘Weird’


In a recent interview with Rock History Music, Buffalo Springfield‘s Richie Furay described Jim Morrison as someone quirky and intriguing.

The name Jim Morrison almost always brings with it a layer of mystery. There is no doubt that Jim Morrison was one of the most iconic and influential pioneers in rock and roll history. A blend of his unique personality, unpredictable performances, and distinctive voice made him a cultural figure and a rebellious rock icon.

His intriguing persona has also led to the creation of his scandalous and mysterious appearance and personal life, all of which made Morrison the talk of the town. Besides questions and opinions from fans and critics, Morrison has also been praised and criticized by fellow musicians. One of those musicians was Buffalo Springfield’s Richie Furay, who shared his brief encounter with Jim Morrison in a recent conversation.

Richie Furay described Jim Morrison as an ‘interesting’ man. Furay clarified that they weren’t involved socially but would bump into each other at parties. From those brief encounters, Furay gathered that Jim Morrison had a quirk about him. The rocker recalled a memory about Morrison when Buffalo Springfield was about to take the stage after the Door. Furay could hear Morrison singing but couldn’t spot him on the scene, and finally, he realized that Morrison was singing the song on top of the amplifiers.

Richie Furay’s thoughts about Jim Morrison:

“There was something, and I use the word interesting. People can interpret that word the way they want. I didn’t know Jim. We would have passed on the street even though we played music together at the Whiskey, and I know we were at some parties together in LA in the mid-60s, but Jim was an interesting guy; there’s just no way about it.

I mean, what guy could… I go into the Whiskey when he was playing, and we were going on next, but I’m looking up there. I’m looking for the guy singing, and I can’t find him. I mean, I can see the guitar, I can see the drums, I can see the keyboard, but where’s this guy singing? He’s lying on top of the amplifiers; he’s just weird. As I said, I didn’t know Jim if he carried that into his lifestyle later on; we weren’t socially involved in any way, I don’t know, but he had a quirk about him.”

You can watch the interview below.