Ozzy Osbourne’s Son Jack Secretly Travels Romania To Help Ukraine

Black Sabbath icon Ozzy Osbourne’s son, Jack Osbourne, recently shared a post on his official Instagram account. Osbourne revealed that he secretly traveled to Romanian/Ukraine border last week to help orphans in need amid the war.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine led more than three million civilians to flee the country to guarantee their safety. The exact number is estimated to be even higher than that. Some travel to the western part of the country, which is safer, while some others go to neighboring countries such as Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Hungary. Non-profit organizations also team up with the neighboring countries to ensure the safety of the refugees.

Both local and international organizations are calling for donations to help families meet their basic needs like food, medicine, and shelter. Many volunteers have also been assisting the organizations since the emergence of the invasion. In his recent Instagram post, Jack Osbourne revealed that he volunteered with the organization, Third Wave Volunteers and went to Romania to help Ukrainians fleeing the country.

He posted some photos and also shared some anecdotes from his travel. Osbourne stated that he didn’t do it to get attention or show off but to help those people. His organization was responsible for assisting orphans who were being evacuated from Ukraine. Jack stressed that his secret travel helped him better understand the feelings of people out there. The news doesn’t cover the whole story for him, so being there was an exceptional experience. He also didn’t forget to thank the team he worked with through the end of his post.

Jack Osbourne’s Instagram post read:

“I’ve been very hesitant about posting this because I didn’t do this for attention, and I’m sick of seeing people doing stuff for causes just so they can post about it. I did this because I felt compelled to help, and posting a flag or whatever just doesn’t quite feel like enough. Last week I returned from an incredibly eye-opening and profound trip to Romanian / Ukraine border. I volunteered with an organization called Third Wave Volunteers.

We were tasked with providing medical help to special needs orphans who were being evacuated from Ukraine with the help of another NGO. Although while I was there, we were unable to get the children out, the NGO has begun to evacuate them now, thankfully. I saw aspects of humanity at its worst yet also at its greatest.

Whilst working along the border, I saw waves and waves of refugees, mainly women, and children, all fleeing their country in hopes of finding safety. Fear and uncertainty was the most common feeling that was being portrayed. The Romanian border was organized and full of resources. You can watch the news all day, but it does not even being to portray the real story. I’d like to thank the team I was working with; for the sake of security, I won’t name them here, but you know who you are.”

You can see Osbourne’s picture from the Instagram post below.

Photo Credit: Jack Osbourne – Instagram