Priscilla Presley Produces New Elvis Presley Series Starring Matthew McConaughey

Brace yourselves, Elvis fans! The King of Rock and Roll is back, and he’s taking on the bad guys like never before. On Monday, Netflix released the official teaser for ‘Agent Elvis,’ a new adult animated series set to premiere on March 2023. Elvis Presley, voiced by Matthew McConaughey, takes on an unexpected role as a secret agent fighting villains in an alternate universe. Among the co-producers is Priscilla Presley.

At the beginning of the teaser, we hear McConaughey saying, ‘Every once in a while, a man accomplishes the impossible,’ in his unique take on Elvis’ voice. ‘All it takes is someone with a dream. Because when a man dreams, he can change the world.’ With these words behind, the video kicks off with the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis, being himself, owning the stage with his signature smoldering smile.

Suddenly, a character spots him and can hardly contain her excitement, shouting, ‘Holy sh*t. F*cking Elvis!’ This sets the tone for what’s to come – as we see Elvis transforming into an astronaut, planting his flag on the moon. Next, he’s a martial arts master, firing off flying kicks and driving like a pro in an action-packed scene. However, the best part? When Elvis gives the signal, his trusty sidekick, the one and only Scatter, the chimpanzee, pulls the trigger.

This will make all true Elvis fans smile with fond memories. You ask why? Did you know he actually had a pet chimp named Scatter during his lifetime? Best sidekick ever possible! This exciting adult animated series, with its animated blood squirts and profanity, is a collaboration between some of the biggest names in entertainment.

Priscilla Presley, Elvis’ ex-wife, is listed as a co-creator and executive producer alongside rock singer John Eddie. Mike Arnold is set to be the co-showrunner and head writer, and the fashion designer John Varvatos is in charge of Elvis’ wardrobe. This is also the first adult animated series to come out of Sony Pictures Animation. Judging by the exciting teaser, ‘Agent Elvis’ promises to be a wild ride you won’t want to miss!