Chris Jericho Says His ‘Rock God’ David Bowie Was One Of The Top Artists


In a recent radio broadcast, Fozzy’s Chris Jericho talked about putting his all-time favorite rock god David Bowie on a pedestal with greats like The Rolling Stones and The Beatles.

Fozzy’s start date goes back to when Rich Ward decided to bring together different musicians to perform as a cover band titled Fozzy Osbourne in the late ’90s. Despite having a successful career as a wrestler, Chris Jericho wanted to pursue music, so he joined the group. The band changed its name to Fozzy soon after and decided to produce original material. Their new sound, combined with their groundbreaking live performances, brought them popularity and made them an international success.

Since 1999, Fozzy has been in the industry. They have released seven studio albums and even a live album. Jericho has achieved success in many areas of his life. He is not only a great wrestler and musician but also a podcast host. His podcast ‘Talk is Jericho’ has stood the test of time and managed to become one of his other side jobs. The rock star now has multiple interests that he pursues, from wrestling to singing to podcasting.

During a recent interview, Jericho chose David Bowie as his rock god. He stated that he was in his Bowie phase of watching the ‘Glass Spider Tour’ to see Bowie’s performance. The rocker said that Bowie’s desire to grow and change inspired him as the musician had a wrestling career outside of Fozzy for many years. Finally, he added that Bowie is no different from icons such as The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Paul McCartney, and Elton John.

Chris Jericho’s words about his choice of his rock god:

“Hey, it’s Chris Jericho of Fozzy, and I am here today to talk about my personal rock god. I’m going to go with David Bowie and the reason I’ve been going through a big Bowie phase recently because anybody knows my wrestling career after 32 years is that I constantly evolve and change, and that comes directly from Bowie.

I enjoy watching the ‘Glass Spider Tour’ as far as performance-wise. It’s right when he was probably at his peak commercially, and he plays barely any of his hits. If you look at the setlist, you’re like, ‘What is he doing?’ I appreciate all of the different angles of who he was. People talk about the Stones, and you talk about the Beatles and McCartney; you talk about Elton John. I think David Bowie is up there with all of those guys as one of the top artists of all time.”

You can listen to the podcast below.