Courtney Love Recalls The Day She Was Marching For Gun Violence Protection Laws In 2000

Hole lead vocalist, late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain‘s wife Courtney Love shared a post on her official Instagram page remembering the day when she participated in the Million Mom March in order to raise her voice for more stringent gun control.

The Million Mom March was a gathering organized by the Million Mom March for the purpose of bringing regulations to gun control in order to reduce gun casualties and protect people. The march was held on Mother’s Day, May 14, 2000, in Washington D.C. National Mall and reportedly drew an estimated attendance of 500,000 to 750,000 people.

Recently, Courtney Love shared a picture on her official Instagram page from the day she was marching for gun violence protection laws back in 2000 along with comedian Rosie O’Donnell, actress Susan Sarandon, and Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Apparently, a few people thought Courtney was not educated enough to speak since she did not go to a fancy college and she is not from a high-income family, however, she revealed that she was fine with this since Courtney was there with a cause.

Here is what Courtney said:

At Rosie’s, Million Mom March in DC. 2000, marching for gun violence protection laws.
Now called The Brady Act.

So many people (mostly women) turned up, on the mall in DC, using their voices to appeal gun laws. (Brady United For Gun Violence ).
Such a moving day.
I’ll always love you Rosie for this amazing day.
She lobbied me, got me an adjoining suite to her families at the hotel in Washington.
I’m a bit scared of DC … I once had a bad experience with enormous rats in a teeny shower, Holes first tour. #930club .. DC? literally
‘a swamp.’

There were 3 ‘friends of Hilary’ on the steering committee who didn’t think I was, ‘educated’ enough to speak.
Which is Code for ‘from a low-income background’ and ‘we don’t like how? Dirty ? she presents.’
I was hurt about this.
But also? Intrigued.
Since all of my siblings have a master’s from some fancy college.
(except Joshua. My black brother.
That’s a whole other day, kids)
Some, I put through college (as one should do with any family/in-laws, as a natural code) even if it’s with my ‘underprivileged’ rock money.
1 is an attorney, and 2 are professors.”

She added:

“Blah blah.
I prefer it.
I like being classified as ‘underprivileged.’
I get to hear all the truly ghastly stuff the grown-ups get up to.
Class wars notwithstanding, I went. A great cause, close to me.
I was sitting with her in her minivan, on the mall in DC, at 6 am.
Rosie, nervous, crying, no one would show.
She was exhausted, she and the committee had worked so hard.

But then they came and came.

Rosie turned to me, held out her hand, beckoned me to come to the middle of the mall with her, to meet those moms, and the other amazing activists, (750,000 people showed up that day )
I declined, gave her a shove.
That was her moment,
watching her greet a beautiful, huge mob for an incredibly righteous cause.
No wonder Trump’s so scared of her.
What an icon.”

You can click here to see the Instagram post.