Avenged Sevenfold’s Matt Shadows Has An Insane Net Worth In 2021

Heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold‘s founding member, songwriter, and vocalist Matt Shadows has a very impressive net worth in 2021 as one of the richest rock stars in America. Shadows has been actively working in the music industry and it is not shocking that he gained a lot of money from massive tours and fans all around the world.

With the help of the recognition he got from his band Avenged Sevenfold, Matt Shadows gained worldwide fame which helped him increase his net worth over the years. He began producing music along with his band and began touring in 2002 and has not stopped since.

M. Shadows Net Worth $20 Million

Matt Shadows also knows by his stage name M. Shadows began singing at an early age and as one of the co-founding members, he formed the heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold in 1999 with his friends from middle school. Two years after they formed the band, they released the first studio album ‘Sounding the Seventh Trumpet’ in 2001.

A year later in 2002, they re-released the debut album with their new line-up and the album received positive reviews from critics. After that, the band started to get recognition and they began to tour the world, promoting their album.  With their best-known lineup along with Matt Shadows, the band started to work on other albums and kept on creating, and their recognition was spreading year by year.

It is claimed that the lead singer Matt Shadows has a net worth of 20 million dollars in 2021. Avenged Sevenfold has a net worth of more than 100 million dollars as a band which they have earned from touring and album sales. Other than Matt Shadows, it is known that the band’s lead guitarist Synyster Gates has a net worth of 16 million dollars.