Slash Explains How Dave Grohl Ended Up Joining Guns N’ Roses

In a recent interview with NME, Slash discussed Guns N’ Roses’ performance at Glastonbury 2023. The talk specifically focused on the final act, ‘Paradise City,’ during which Dave Grohl shared the stage with the band. The guitarist spoke about how they thought of asking Grohl to join them and also expressed his admiration for the Foo Fighters frontman. He said:

“We’ve actually jammed with Dave a couple of times. He’s just one of my all-time favorite musicians. I knew he was gonna be around, and I think it was Duff [McKagan] who said to him, ‘Hey, you wanna come jam?’ So yeah, it eventually came together, and it was fun.”

Guns N’ Roses’ headlining Glastonbury got mixed feelings. A few days before the show, Noel Gallagher publicly shared his discontent with the festival’s choice in a chat with Daily Star. Mentioning his reaction upon finding out about the band’s upcoming show, he claimed:

“I thought, ‘What? Are you being serious? That’s crazy shit.’ When you think of all the huge British artists who’ve had albums out this past year, having Guns N’ Roses headlining the Saturday is mad.”

Following the festival, the band’s performance was also criticized. The Telegraph’s Neil McCormick described Axl Rose’s vocals during the concert as ‘kind of lumpy, with a toneless feminine falsetto and a honking low range.’

However, in response to this, David Draiman defended the vocalist on Twitter, writing:

“You know, just when I thought you wankers couldn’t be more off base… Axl Rose is a f-cking legend. I watched a bunch of the clips from Glastonbury, and he absolutely slayed it. He hits notes at his age. Most singers 20 years younger never will in their lives. F-ck off already.”

You can check out Guns N’ Roses’ performance in the video below.