Simon Kirke Believes Paul Rodgers’ Health Condition Led To Bad Company’s Demise

Simon Kirke from Bad Company has indicated that the band’s performing days are likely over, primarily due to health issues faced by its members. In a recent interview on the Bob Lefsetz Podcast, Kirke expressed doubt about the band performing again, citing the severe health problems of lead singer Paul Rodgers, including multiple strokes and heart troubles.

When Kirke was asked if Bad Company would ever perform again, he said:

“Honestly, I doubt it,and I’ll tell you why. I think a lot of people now already know that Paul Rodgers has had health problems. He went public with it a couple of weeks ago on CBS. They flew him out to New York and he came out with the fact that he has had some severe health problems in the last couple of years, a couple of strokes, quite a few mini strokes and heart troubles. And I honestly think that our, Bad Company’s days are pretty much over.”

Bad Company went through many line-up changes over the years and was inactive for many periods. Kirke was the only active member of the band throughout its existence.

Paul Rodgers On His Dangerous Strokes

In the TV program ‘CBS Mornings’ this September, Rodgers spoke about the two major and 11 minor strokes he had over the last few years that almost took away his ability to sing. He said:

“I couldn’t do anything to be honest… I couldn’t speak. That was the very strange thing. You know, I’d prepare something in my mind and I’d say it, but that isn’t what came out and I’d go, ‘What the heck did I just say?'”

His wife, Cynthia Kereluk Rodgers, said the first stroke occurred in 2016 and the second in October 2019, causing Rodgers to undergo major surgery.

Mick Ralphs’ Health Problems

Just as Bad Company had finished a brief U.K. tour in 2016, it was reported that the founding member Mick Ralphs had been hospitalized, having suffered a stroke. He has not returned to the band since. Afterwards, his guitar parts were played by Howard Leese.

In 2020, Simon Kirke spoke about Mick’s condition in a live stream on Bad Company’s official Facebook page. He said:

“I get very emotional talking about Mick. He’s not in good shape and I did see him when I was in England about three years ago and it was heartbreaking because he’s not well. His left side is paralyzed and it has aged him very badly. I talk to him occasionally on the phone. It’s a sad situation and there’s really nothing much we can do about it except send him our prayers.”

You can listen to the full podcast with Simon Kirke talking about the current state of Bad Company below.