Simon McBride Says Deep Purple Are ‘Fussy’ About ‘Smoke On The Water’ Performance

The guitarist Simon McBride recently joined an interview with Louder Sound and opened up about how Deep Purple was ‘fussy’ about the way ‘Smoke On The Water’ was played when he joined the band.

Simon McBride has contributed to several artists’ works in the music scene. He has toured with his band Snakecharmer and taught in the music school BIMM in Dublin. The musician, who toured with impactful names like Joe Satriani and Jeff Beck, joined Deep Purple, replacing Steve Morse temporarily in 2022.

Steve Morse became a part of the band in 1994, replacing Joe Satriani, who joined the band after the departure of Ritchie Blackmore. He proved his talent with the group since then. However, Deep Purple announced Morse’s temporary departure in the previous months due to family issues. McBride joined the band and would be on stage with them in May, June, and July 2022.

After McBride became a part of Deep Purple, he had to adapt their sound and playing style. Previously, he mentioned that he could learn the songs very quickly. However, the guitarist confessed he had difficulties learning solos due to their distinctive playing styles.

Recently, McBride revealed that the band members were meticulous about how to be played their 1972 song ‘Smoke On The Water.’ Furthermore, Ritchie Blackmore’s solos had an important place for them to be played studiously. McBride has stated that although he is careful about delivering the songs correctly, he does not try to imitate Blackmore and Morse’s playing style.

Simon McBride talked about playing ‘Smoke On The Water:.’

They are quite fussy about how that song should be played. And there are certain Ritchie Blackmore solos, too, like ‘Highway Star.’ You can’t get away with playing anything else. But I don’t try to copy how Blackmore or Steve played. You just take the concepts they used and put your own thing to it.”

You can listen to the song below.