Simon McBride On The Challenges Of Replacing Steve Morse In Deep Purple


After Steve Morse took a break from Deep Purple due to his wife’s health issues, the band replaced him with Simon McBride. The new guitarist recently spoke about what it’s like to replace a long-time guitarist and admitted some challenges in adapting.

After the founding member and guitarist Ritchie Blackmore left Deep Purple, he was replaced by Joe Satriani. After Satriani left in 1994, the band hired Steve Morse, and he has been in the band since then. Establishing a successful career with Deep Purple and solo, the guitarist recently faced some saddening problems in his family.

His wife Janine is currently fighting cancer, and he decided that it was best for him to take a break from performing and be with Janine instead. Hence he announced his departure beginning of April and received tons of support from fans and his band. Following his departure, Deep Purple hired Simon McBride to play instead of Steve in the upcoming shows in May.

Recently McBride talked about replacing the long-time guitarist of the band. He mentioned that there are no issues in learning Deep Purple songs because most of them are straightforward and have a standard layout which he learned quickly. However, some solos aren’t typical, and Simon admitted that he had to spend a few weeks working on those.

Here is what McBride said about the challenges:

“I don’t think there’s too much that will be challenging for me. It’s mainly just remembering all the parts as a whole. It’s not like just learning a normal set with standard-issue songs, which are verse/chorus/verse/chorus/solo and done. They have all these alternate endings and, as you said, those mad sections with unison lines.

There are some solos that aren’t just standard solos; they’re more like creative pieces, so I’ll have to learn them exactly and remember them. I’ve spent the last few weeks working on all of the stuff, taking it all into my brain. Whatever gig I’m doing, I always try to include a bit of myself where it works and also stick to the original solos as a mark of respect.”

Deep Purple will start The Long Goodbye Tour on May 22, 2022, in Tel Aviv and continue to tour around Europe. The tour is planned to end in November; however, there is also an independent date on February 2023, and the tickets are on sale on their website.