Shemane Nugent Admits She Doesn’t Know Any Ted Nugent Songs And Feels Isolated In Rock World

Rocker Ted Nugent‘s wife Shemane Nugent has revealed that she does not know Ted Nugent’s songs at all and she feels out of place in the rock and roll world in a recent Instagram post.

As you know, Ted Nugent is a singer-songwriter and a guitarist who rose to prominence as the lead guitarist and occasional vocalist of the band The Amboy Dukes. Formed in 1963, the band played psychedelic rock and hard rock. After the band’s disbandment, Nugent followed a solo career as well as touring and recording with other artists several times. Moreover, he is known for his energetic live shows, his bluesy guitar playing, and his distinctive singing voice. Even today, the musician is still active in the music scene and he is working on new music.

Nugent has been married twice up until now. His current wife is Shemane Deziel, whom he met when he was a guest on Detroit’s WLLZ-FM where Shemane was among the news staff. The couple married on January 21, 1989, and they have one child together named Rocco Winchester Nugent. Since married, Shemane and Ted are still together and madly in love.

Recently, Ted’s wife Shemane Nugent has revealed that she had no interest in rock music in an Instagram post. In the post, she claimed that she liked dance music when she met the rocker, Ted Nugent. Shemane then added that she couldn’t name any of Nugent’s songs if asked, and she feels isolated in the rock and roll world. She also went on to say the things she saw at concerts are close to what is seen in R-rated movies. Moreover, Shemane then claimed this is what being a Christian in a rock and roll world is about.

Shemane Nugent’s Instagram post read:

“When I was growing up, I didn’t listen to rock ’n roll music. I liked Donna Summer, Lionel Ritchie, and yes, Barry Manilow. I liked dance music. Then I met and married my husband, rocker Ted Nugent. I couldn’t have told you the name of one of his songs if my life depended on it. In the rock ‘n roll world, I often felt isolated and out of place. I saw things at concerts that I’d only heard about in R-rated movies.

Do you ever feel lonely and unwelcome because you’re a believer? That’s what being a Christian in a rock ’n roll world is all about.”

Below you can see the photo Shemane Nugent included in her post and her live video on YouTube where she discussed these things.

Photo Credit: Shemane Nugent – Instagram