Sharon Osbourne Says Ozzy Is And Always Will Be A Working Class Hero


During an episode of The Talk, Sharon Osbourne opened up about Ozzy Osbourne‘s last performance in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Sharon said Osbourne has always been a working-class hero and mentioned Birmingham’s importance to him.

Ozzy Osbourne has been struggling with several health issues for the last few years. In the previous years, he had to postpone his tour dates because of his worsening flu. Then, the vocalist’s neck was injured because he fell at his home in Los Angeles. He had neck surgery as the metal rods placed after his 2003 ATV accident were dislodged.

Unfortunately, the rocker’s health problems continued in the following years. In 2020, Osbourne announced that he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. His difficulties in walking increased due to these issues, and The Prince of Darkness had to undergo several more operations. As his daughter Kelly revealed in the previous months, he would have life-changing surgery.

Following this surgery, the rocker initially communicated with Black Label Society’s Zakk Wylde. As Wylde indicated, Osbourne told him that he felt like he gave birth after this challenging operation. The rocker spent his next days resting, staying away from the stages for a while.

On August 8, Osbourne surprised his fans with an appearance at the 2022 Commonwealth Games closing ceremony. During the special finale show in Birmingham, he took the stage with his bandmate Tony Iommi. The fellow musicians performed Black Sabbath’s 1970 hit song ‘Paranoid.’ The fans were very excited to see him following his complex surgery.

Sharon Osbourne recently stated that the organizers were enthusiastic to see Ozzy on the show. The show was also significant for Ozzy as he took the stage in his hometown Birmingham. Sharon said that Ozzy has always been proud of his roots, and she noted that Ozzy Osbourne is and will always remain a working-class hero.

Sharon Osbourne said the following:

“They asked us six months ago, and Ozzy couldn’t possibly have done it until after his last operation. They saw Ozzy was comic-con and they said, ‘All right, come on, get him over.’ We were like, ‘All right.’ Literally, it was six days from their phone call to get him in there. It was just incredible. I mean, Birmingham is an amazing city now. It’s cosmopolitan, beautiful, and no matter whatever he achieves in his life, no matter whatever he does, he’s from Birmingham. He’s so proud to come from Birmingham.”

She went on to comment on him being a natural performer:

“He’s very organic with everything. But he’s and always will be a working-class hero.”

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