Sebastian Bach Sends His Condolences To Ex-Skid Row Singer Johnny Solinger

Sebastian Bach, the frontman of Skid Row until 1996, has offered his condolences to the family of former Skid Row singer Johnny Solinger who passed away recently and was joined the band three years after Bach was fired.

As you may know, Johnny Solinger has passed away recently, on June 26 at the age of 55 after he had announced that he was diagnosed with liver failure. Stating that his health condition is not improving, he tried to raise funds for his treatment on Go Fund Me which sadly did not even get close to its goal.

It is known that Johnny Solinger had joined the band in 1999 after Sebastian Bach had left Skid Row and the band had reformed. Solinger was with the band for the albums ‘Thickskin,’ ‘Revolutions Per Minute,’ ‘United World Rebellion,’ and ‘Rise of the Damnation Army.’ However, Solinger was also fired from the band and pursued a solo career just like Bach, and he was replaced by TNT vocalist Tony Harnell.

As seen in his tweet, Sebastian Bach reacted to Johnny Solinger’s death by saying he offers his condolences to his family and friends. In the tweet, he defined Solinger as the singer who replaced Sean McCabe in Skid Row and mentioned he only contacted Johnny in 1991 or so before he was kicked out. Bach then added that it felt awkward for him to see his photos on the headlines ‘Skid Row’s Singer Dies’.

Some of the Skid Row fans negatively reacted to his tweet, saying it was not necessary for him to mention who replaced who in the band. They also added that his condolences lack compassion, and are focused on Bach instead of Solinger.

Bach’s tweet read:

“My condolences to the family & friends of Johnny Solinger the singer who replaced Sean McCabe in Skid Row. The only contact I had was back in 1991 or so, years before I was kicked out in 1996. Awkward to wake up to headlines ‘Skid Row Singer Dies’ some using a pic of me. Sorry to hear.”

Below is the tweet Bach has shared.