The Secret Jerry Cantrell Learned About His Mother After She Died


The influential rock band Alice In Chains, rose to fame in the 1990s during the grunge movement. Along with Nirvana, Alice In Chains was also one of the scene’s leaders with their talented vocalist Layne Staley. Unfortunately, they faced a tragic loss shortly after peaking. Staley passed away after overdosing on ‘speedball,’ a mixture of heroin and cocaine.

His death indeed made a significant impact on the psychology of the band members and his family. However, they decided to move on and continue with their career as a band. Jerry Cantrell was already assisting Staley on vocals from time to time, and after he passed away, he took the singing duties upon himself and is still the band’s singer.

Cantrell had already proven himself on the guitar and was named ‘Riff Lord,’ and after taking over singing duties, he began to demonstrate his singing abilities as well. He showed that he didn’t care about his position and role in the band, as he is passionate about his music.

Who Sparked Jerry Cantrell’s Interest In Music?


In 2019, Cantrell gave a heartwarming interview to Kerrang, talking about his childhood and parents who raised him to become the influential musician he is. He was asked whether he learned any specific lessons from his parents when his personality was developing. He answered by saying that he took his mother’s heart but father’s drive and stubbornness.

On the same topic, Cantrell also mentioned that he inherited his love of music from his mother, who seems to have supported him throughout his journey. However, Jerry Cantrell revealed the secret he learned after she passed away. After her passing, his uncle told him that his mother also wanted to be a musician, and it was her dream. Thus, her support for Cantrell was probably rooted in her unfulfilled dream.

Here is the question asked:

“What’s the most important lesson you learned from your parents?”

Cantrell replied:

“My mum’s probably my heart, and my dad’s probably my drive. They got divorced when I was pretty young, and I was the oldest of three. I got the love of music from my mum, for sure, and being a musician was her secret dream too, which my uncle told me when she passed.

It was a really tough time, and he gave me the confidence to give it a shot. My dad is a really tenacious individual. He’s got f*cking drive, but he’s also stubborn as f*ck so that nothing will knock him off his path. He does what he feels is right, and that’s it, and I got that from him.”

Cantrell is very fond of his mother, Gloria, as she was the one to raise and support him after his parents got divorced. She was an amateur organist and melodica player but worked as an administrative assistant. She passed away from pancreatic cancer in 1987, when Cantrell was only 21. In 1993 the musician wrote a tribute song to his father called ‘Rooster’ and also mentioned ‘Gloria’ in it.