Russell Hitchcock Recalls Axl Rose Pretending Not To Know Him

Air Supply frontman Russell Hitchcock appeared on Artists On Record to discuss his career and memories with other rockers. During the recently released snippet of the interview, Hitchcock recalled the time he met Guns ‘N’ Roses’ Axl Rose and revealed Rose pretended not to recognize him.

While chatting about the band’s hit, ‘All Out Of Love,’ the frontman recalled the day they met and how the Guns ‘N’ Roses singer complimented him for his singing:

“Axl raved about what a great singer I was, and I don’t take compliments well, I just go, ‘Thanks.’ What is he supposed to say? Anyway, he said, ‘You have the record for holding the longest note on a song, ‘All Out Of Love.” At the end, I said, ‘Whatever, I don’t even think about that, it was just whatever it was.'”

Apparently, Rose wanted to beat Hitchcock’s record. He explained:

“He said, ‘Would you mind if I recorded a song and held a note longer than you?’ And I said, ‘What are you asking me for, dude? Do what you want. Great.'”

After their meeting, the two had dinner with the other member of Air Supply, Doug Gild. Hitchcock then was invited to the Freddie Mercury Tribute Show by Rose, only to see Rose pretending not to know him. The rocker described what happened right before the tribute show:

“I saw Axl, and he was leaning up against a concrete pillar. I went up, and I said, ‘Hey Axl, what’s going on?’ He looked at me, and I was embarrassed already, straight away. I said, ‘I met you at the Rainbow, I had dinner with you and Doug, [it’s] Russell [from] Air Supply.’ And he goes, ‘Nah, don’t recall.’ And I had a two-word ‘bye bye’ to him, and I just left. I thought, ‘What a d*ck.'”

Although this isn’t the first time Hitchcock opened up about the rocker’s attitude, Rose himself never spoke of the incident. So it seems that the conflict between the two was never resolved.

Below, you can watch the interview snippet.