Lol Tolhurst Explains If The Cure Tried To Make Fans ‘Depressed’

The Cure’s Lol Tolhurst was recently interviewed by Big Issue and clarified whether the band aimed to make their fans feel depressed.

Sharing his favorite album from the Cure, the drummer said:

“My favorite album of the Cure that we ever did was ‘Pornography.’ As people at the time, we were in a very strange place. We were kind of falling apart. But the music is very precise and intense. And that’s the thing that kept us together.”

Tolhurst’s Insights On Music and Emotional Exchange

Tolhurst then mentioned that people often find that album very dark, but its ending suggests hope. He aimed for a similar sense of hope at the end of his latest record’ Los Angeles.’ He also believes that people connect with music when they can see the real person behind it.

Reflecting on his 2011 return to play with the Cure, the musician realized the powerful exchange of energy between the band and the audience during a performance, creating a ‘feedback loop’ of emotions and energy. He added:

“Which is why when people always said to me, ‘You play this dark music, and maybe it makes people more depressed and makes them feel bad about themselves.’ I said, no, the opposite is true, people get solace from this stuff.”

Robert Smith’s Reflection On ‘Pornography’

Apparently, Robert Smith also agrees with the importance of ‘Pornography’ to the band. In 2020, the frontman sat down with Louder Sound for an interview and explained, referring to the making of ‘Bloodflowers’:

“I listened back to ‘Pornography’ and ‘Disintegration’ one particular weekend. I listened to them a couple of times each. I got very drunk. And got to thinking about what makes these records so special? They are always the two records that are brought up by Cure fans as being the ones that seem to symbolize everything they like about the Cure. And for me as well, they are probably the two key albums that define the Cure, so I wanted something to follow that.”

On July 24, Tolhurst, Budgie, and Jacknife Lee revealed their album ‘Los Angeles,’ which was released on November 3. It features guest artists like James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem, the Edge, Isaac Brock, and Bobby Gillespie.