Sebastian Bach Says Rush’s ‘Permanent Waves’ 40th Edition Vinyl Sounds Like A Demo


Sebastian Bach recently took his official Twitter account to share his opinions on Rush‘s ‘Permanent Waves’ 40th-anniversary Edition. The singer criticized the box set’s sound quality and said it doesn’t sound like the original one.

Rush released their seventh studio album entitled ‘Permanent Waves‘ on January 14, 1980. The band stepped out of their comfort zone with this album as they shifted their sound towards a more mainstream style. It significantly helped the band to widen the scope of their audience. However, their progressive sounds were still evident in some songs like ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ and ‘Natural Science.’

The album mostly received positive reviews from the critics despite the significant change in the band’s sound. In 2020, Rush decided to reissue the album to mark its 40th anniversary. The Super Deluxe box set included unreleased live content recorded during the band’s Permanent Waves World Tour. Although the fans enjoyed listening to the reissued version, it seems like Sebastian Bach disagrees.

In his recent Twitter posts, Bach said that he supports the reissues of old albums, but he is not satisfied with Rush’s ‘Permanent Waves’ 40th-anniversary Edition. The original one had good quality for Bach, so he expected this one to top it. However, the rocker thinks that the reissued version doesn’t sound as good as the original one. It sounded like a demo to Bach, and he criticized the crew who remastered this version.

Sebastian Bach’s Twitter post read:

“I’m all for vinyl reissues of old albums with all the goodies included inside etc. But far too often, the sound on the new version comes nothing close to the original. Rush’s ‘Permanent Waves’ 40th Edition vinyl sounds like a demo next to the first pressing of the album.”

He added:

“All due respect to the guy who remastered this album, Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios, did you bother to a/b with the original pressing? If you were in my living room right now you would be embarrassed. Just read you started mastering in 1995 it sounds like it.”

You can check out the tweets below.