The One Regret Axl Rose Had About ‘Paradise City’

As the producers of certain works, there are certain things about them that only their creators can know. Whether it’s a success in the eyes of many or not, there are always hidden stories behind the works artists put out in the world. For instance, one particular anecdote about Guns N’ Roses’ massive hit ‘Paradise City’ may surprise some of you. Well, the track that is beloved by many has a different meaning for its maker, and Axl Rose once admitted that he could have done some things differently. Let’s see what he would change.

Before we start discussing Rose’s thoughts about the track, it’s important to keep in mind that he gave that interview in 1987 so take everything with a pinch of salt. When Steve Harris asked Rose whether he had any regrets or anything he wished he would have done differently, the vocalist replied, “The only thing I would like to do is I wish we would have more time to mix, but we were working on a release date, and there were a couple of songs I didn’t feel we had enough time to get just right. I think ‘Paradise City could’ve been a little clearer, but we were mixing two songs a day to make a release date.”

He continued to explain that they finished the overall song to the best of their ability. The frontman disclosed, “There were all kinds of reasons we had to make that release date, like getting the record out before it would catch nerves for August and things like that. It was all kinds of reasons why we had a certain amount of time that we had to get it done. So we just did the best we could in that amount of time. We didn’t compromise. We still hit pretty close to the mark we wanted to hit.”

By the time the record was released, there were only a few minor details that bothered him. Axl explained, “There wasn’t anything I wanted to change. I think two words in that whole record that I didn’t quite say the way I wanted to, and I forgot which ones they were. I didn’t have time to go back and find them to redo them. And they’re not out of key, so no one else knows it. I’m the only one who personally knows it.”

Muzzling the inner critic is hard, even if it becomes the most adored song you release. Although Rose shared some things he would like to change about ‘Paradise City’ back in the late 1980s, he was still content with the final product as it was close to what they wanted to achieve. However, it’s easier said than done to release anything without being stuck on how it could have been better.