Flea Praises ‘Phenomenon’ Performance Of Los Angeles Lakers Superstar Lebron James

Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ bassist Flea shared a post on his official Twitter page expressing his admiration and appreciation for Los Angeles Lakers’ iconic player LeBron James’  due to his performance in his 18th season by referring to him as ‘phenomenal.’

As many of you know, Flea is a huge Los Angeles Lakers fan, he does not miss a game and proudly speaks about his appreciation for the NBA team and its players whenever he has the chance. Flea’s admiration is so high level that he even has a tattoo on his arm that says, ‘Go Lakers!’

Therefore, it was not a shocker when Flea responded to a post by Lakers’ reporter Mike Trudell shared in which he revealed the fact that legendary player LeBron James has not missed a game in his 18th season this year and despite the fact that his last game took 46 minutes, LeBron managed to have 28 points, 14 boards, and 12 assists in his latest game.

Here is what Trudell said:

LeBron in his 18th season, having yet to miss a game this year, and after playing 46 minutes last game, has 28 points, 14 boards, and 12 assists tonight in 42 minutes.”

After seeing this, Flea shared a post on his official Twitter page expressing his opinions about the respectable outcomes of LeBron James’ performance in his latest game and throughout the season by stating that LeBron’s performance is both phenomenal and deep in addition to representing a complex beauty.

Here is what Flea said:

This absolutely phenomenal and thing of deep and complex beauty”

You can see the Twitter post below.