Sebastian Bach Says He Caught His Mom Doing Shots With Slash


Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach remembered when he saw his mother drinking with Guns N’ Roses lead guitarist Slash during his recent interview with The Eddie Trunk Podcast.

Guns N’ Roses started their Use Your Illusion Tour in January 1991 in Brazil and ended in July 1993 in Argentina. It was considered the band’s longest tour and the most infamous one because of various riots, delayed starts, and cancellations.

During their tour, the band traveled all around the world, and many musicians joined them as guest stars and audiences. On June 13, 1991, Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach and his mother Kathleen Hunter-Bierk accompanied Guns N’ Roses in The Spectrum, Philadelphia.

During his recent conversation, the radio show’s host Eddie Trunk asked whether he shared a crazy memory with his parents. Sebastian Bach answered it, saying that his mother started talking and doing shots with Slash while at the guitarist’s dressing room after the band’s Philadelphia concert.

Bach recalled these times saying:

“That reminds me of when we did Philadelphia Spectrum with Guns N’ Roses. I and my mom ended up in Slash’s dressing room. My memory of that moment was just being in this dark dressing room, and my mom was doing shots with Slash. They’re having a deep conversation. It was great.”

Therefore it seems like the GN’R concert was unforgettable for both GN’R fans and Sebastian Bach. While the first enjoyed the show, the latter was surprised to see his mother having a small drinking party with Slash in his dressing room.

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