Valerie Bertinelli Is Exposed To ‘Horrible Comments’ For Mourning Eddie Van Halen’s Death, Wolfgang Van Halen Reacts

Mammoth WVH founder Wolfgang Van Halen has responded to the ‘awful’ comments his mother Valerie Bertinelli received on Instagram following the interview she joined to talk about losing her ex-husband Eddie Van Halen.

As you may recall, the legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen and the actress Valerie Bertinelli were married in 1981. The couple had a son, Wolfgang Van Halen, born in 1991. Later in 2007, they decided to divorce as a result of Eddie’s cocaine addiction and his refusal to quit smoking. Valerie has been focusing her career as a chef and also the host of her own cooking show named ‘Valerie Home Cooking‘ on Food Network.

After the devastating death of Eddie Van Halen due to cancer, the rock music community has been mourning the death of the guitar legend. Eddie’s fans and friends have been sharing their favorite memories with the guitarist on social media. Eddie’s family members, including his son Wolfgang and his ex-wife Valerie, have been also expressing their feelings after such a sad loss in the interviews they join.

Recently, Valerie Bertinelli joined a conversation on TODAY with Hoda and Jenna and opened up about the mourning period of Eddie’s death. The official Instagram account of the show shared a lovely picture of Eddie and Valerie to announce the interview with Bertinelli.

Here is what the caption of the post shared by TODAY with Hoda and Jenna said:

“Valerie Bertinelli continues to mourn the loss of ex-husband Eddie Van Halen. She opened up to Hoda and Jenna on Thursday. Hear what she had to say at the link in our bio.”

However, the Instagram post received some awful comments criticizing the fact that Valerie was talking about Eddie and his passing while, according to the comments, his widow Janie Van Halen is the only one who should talk about it. There were also a lot of comments about how Bertinelli’s statements would upset Janie Van Halen. Some of them even wanted the show to stop airing the interview with Valerie and claimed that she was using Eddie and Van Halen’s fame to draw attention to herself.

Here is what one of the comments criticized Valerie Bertinelli said:

“Please quit airing this. They were divorced for quite some time. Eddie has a widow that has been pushed aside by Bertinelli’s need for attention.”

The talented young musician, Wolfgang Van Halen responded to the ‘awfully horrible comments’ that his mother received for her statements during the interview about her ex-husband’s passing. Wolfgang called out to the ‘dipshits‘ who had no idea about the relationship that his parents had and still made such terrible comments about it. He also mentioned that those people were clearly not able to comprehend the idea of two people having the capacity to love each other. Wolf received the support of many fans who defended the lovely relationship of Eddie and Valerie that they managed to preserve even after they got divorced.

Here is how Wolfgang Van Halen responded to the comments about his mother:

“Some awfully horrible comments in here. Not a surprise, considering this is the internet, but whatever. I implore you dipshits to realize that you have no idea the relationship that my parents shared, and can’t seem to comprehend the idea of two people having the capacity to love one another. Have a lovely day, assholes.”

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