Sebastian Bach Picks His Favorite Rock Album That Was Released In 2020


Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach made a question & answer session via his official Twitter account and revealed his favorite albums of 2020.

After one of the fans wondered about Sebastian’s favorite albums in 2020, the iconic singer surprised the fans by not putting Ozzy Ozbourne’s ‘Ordinary Man,’ AC/DC’s ‘Power Up,’ or Marilyn Manson’s ‘We Are Chaos’ albums.

Instead of picking these, Sebastian wanted to pick the old albums of Blackfood’s ‘Strikes.’ Also, Sebastian explained this decision by saying that he didn’t like any single record in 2020.

After this fan asked about Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘Ordinary Man,’ Sebastian stated that the Ordinary Man album was pretty good but he didn’t listen to the whole album and that’s why he didn’t put it on the list.

A fan of Sebastian asked:

“What is your favorite rock album of 2020?”

Sebastian Bach replied:

“Blackfoot Strikes and Riding High.”

The same fan asked again:

“What about Ordinary Man by Ozzy Osbourne?”

Sebastian Bach said:

“That was pretty good but I have not heard the whole record.”

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