Sebastian Bach Enforces Censorship On Some Skid Row Albums

Sebastian Bach won’t sign Skid Row albums with new members.

The singer recently took to X and gave a warning to those who came to Meet and Greets events:

“At meet and greets, I will sign Official Released Merchandise ONLY. Not things that have nothing to do with me like the history of hair metal or stuff like that. Also, I will sign Skid Row albums with the Original 5 Members ONLY. Will not sign with any replacement members. thanks!”

Fan Reactions To His Words

In the comments, fans found Bach’s reaction to this issue justified. One person wrote:

“As it should be!”

Another one added:

“Rightfully so! People should be ashamed of themselves to even ask!!!”

One other individual criticized Skid Row’s decision to continue without Bach:

“You are Skid Row brother! They are trash without you, I’m sure they are somewhat entertaining at the state fairs they headline.”

Bach’s Previous Statement On His Skid Row Replacements

Bach is sensitive about replacement members coming after him. Previously, when Skid Row announced Lzzy Hale as their singer for the four shows, he unfollowed her. Later, in a conversation with Screamer Magazine, he explained why he chose to do it:

“Maybe after 9 replacements of me, maybe I don’t want to read about number 10. Maybe it bugs me. Does anybody think about that? How about me giving the best years of my life to make the brand name Skid Row and then 10 people act like it’s theirs. But it’s not. So, maybe I don’t want to read about it…Everybody have fun with the best years of my life, but I’m still making rock ‘n’ roll that can stand up to the best music I’ve ever made.  So, that’s what I am concentrating on.”

Bach reconnected with one of his old Skid Row bandmates. In a recent interview with 95.5 KLOS, he revealed that he and Rob Affuso discussed the possibility of playing together, possibly on his upcoming South American tour with Mr. Big.

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