Sebastian Bach Confirms Reunion Shows With An Ex-Skid Row Member

Sebastian Bach has reunited with one of his Skid Row bandmates, and will even go on shows with him.

In a new interview with 95.5 KLOS, the former Skid Row frontman was asked about doing a tour after the release of his new single. He answered for both bands:

“My band yeah, not Skid Row yet, because I don’t have any contact with those guys.”

He did add that one of his former bandmates played in his music video and that they even talked about possibly getting together:

“But Rob Affuso, the drummer of Skid Row, he’s on my video, he’s the drummer so we’re talking about maybe getting together, me and him, in my band. We have a full South American tour booked with Mr. Big.”

Bach Joked About Forming A Band With Affuso Before

Earlier, Bach teased about starting a new band named ‘HARD2WORKWITH’ with his former Skid Row bandmate.

Back on November 22 last year, Bach took to Instagram and posted a selfie of himself with Affuso. He added a note saying:

“Discussing our new project ‘Hard2WorkWith’ with my old friend Rob Affuso so great to see you dude. So much fun hanging out with you. 50th Anniversary Bash we are still recuperating! What an incredible time! Lookin’ forward to jammin’ with you sometime soon!”

In response, the drummer commented:

“Yea Brother!! So great to see you again and have the time to catch up. Awesome night! I am DEFINITELY still recuperating from my five days in LV! Glad you and Suzanne made it out! Let’s do it again soon! And yeah… let’s make some music even sooner!”

Affuso Hopes For A Reunion

Affuso left Skid Row 11 years after the band’s formation. The drummer says he’s the only ex-member who still talks to all the others and is friends with them. In a 2016 interview, he hoped the original Skid Row crew could patch things up and get back together for a tour and even make some new music. He explained:

“I am friendly with all four other guys. I’ve worked hard at it. I spent a third of my life with these guys and I felt that I shared an immeasurable amount of things with them and they will always be very, very dear and important to me. Human relationships are very important to me. Those relationships with these guys were very important, so I’ve tried to nurture the best I can with each of them some form of relationship, however it looks. As far as everybody… I’m really not in a position to talk about that. I think everybody has had their piece and their say, and I think that there’s things that probably should have been said a long time ago and weren’t. And I’m not sure if I’d ever… I’d never say never. I would certainly love to see it, but we’ll see what happens.”

You can see the interview below.