Scott Weiland’s Son Noah Faces Backlash For ‘Mocking’ His Father

Scott Weiland’s son Noah faced criticism for making fun of his late father after sharing a video on Instagram.

Weiland posted a short clip to promote his new song, ‘Twilight.’ He joined the ‘of course’ trend to describe himself and said the following in the video:

“Of course, my dad is a famous rock star. I followed his footsteps, and I went to rehab like 30 times in the last two years alone. Of course, my dad is a famous rock star. My childhood was so traumatic that I don’t even remember it. Of course, my dad is a famous rock star. All I know how to do is make music and do drugs.”

Then, the person filming the video stepped in and asked Noah:

“Are you okay?”

He replied by saying:

“Just play that sh*t dude.”

Following his words, his new track ‘Twilight’ starts to play in the back. He captioned the video, writing:

“What else did u expect? Song: ‘Twilight’ – NOAH WEILAND out now on YouTube.”

How Did People React To His Words?

But Noah’s statements about his father drew criticism. One person wrote in the comment section:

“Scott was and always be more than bad stuff. More than a rockstar. Precious human being no matter what.”

Another user referred to Chris Cornell’s daughter, Lily, and said:

“Ask Lily Cornell never been to rehab, beautiful soul had a horrible childhood.”

Noah’s Reply To The Backlash

After the reactions, Noah shared the message about Lily on his Instagram Story and wrote as a response:

“Looks like the joke went over most of your heads. A) Great for whoever that is not sure why you all bringing up random people. B) I never touched a penny from my dad’s $ / will or whatever, unlike every other person in my family (interesting, right?) C) The whole point is that I lived the exact opposite life of these rock star TikTok kids. Wish I did! But instead, I got kicked out of my family home day after turning 18 over smoking & couch-surfed for years while working a 9-5 in & out of rehab! So fun!”

Last month, Noah shared another song named ‘Ooh Ooh Ooh,’ and criticized ‘fake pop-punk underground rappers’ in his Instagram post to promote the track.

You can see his post here and check out the Instagram Story and song below.

Photo Credit: Noah Weiland – Instagram