Heart’s Nancy Wilson Refuses Reunion Due To ‘Icky Reason’

Nancy Wilson says no one can pay her enough for a Heart reunion.

Nancy Wilson’s manager, Dave Frey, recently had a chat with Wilson and The Washington Post to discuss Heart’s legacy. In the interview, Frey revealed that the band got a pretty big offer to play at Washington’s famous Gorge Amphitheatre for the 50th anniversary of Heart’s debut album, ‘Dreamboat Annie.’ The catch? They wanted the entire original lineup to show up.

However, Nancy turned down the offer. The rocker explained why:

“I don’t think you could pay me enough. It’s, what’s the word? It’s icky.”

She added:

“The thing that the fans don’t ever consider is the unpleasantness of how the relationships within the band function. If the band split up, there was a reason for that.”

Can Heart Come Together Without Wilson Sisters?

After a long break, Heart is back on stage, and Ann and Nancy Wilson reuniting for their first tour since 2019.

Ann earlier spilled to Rolling Stone about the tour and said:

“We were tired of not playing together, and we both wanted to do a Heart tour.”

The reunion came after some drama and a family fight in 2016. The fight involved Ann’s husband, Dean Wetter, and Nancy’s teenage sons. Ann wishes they had sorted it out at home instead of later blowing up into legal trouble for Wetter.

The sisters’ response to whether Heart could still be Heart without both of them was negative. That’s also apparently what made them bury the hatchet on old songs too. Now, the two are focusing on newer songs and making new music together once again.