Pete Townshend Defends ‘It’s Hard’ Album Against Kenney Jones’ Insult

Pete Townshend recently talked about The Who’s final album with John Entwistle, ‘It’s Hard,’ during an interview with Mojo. Townshend stated that he didn’t agree with Kenney Jones’ opinions on his songs and explained:

“I won’t accept what Kenney Jones said: ‘You’ve taken the best songs for your solo album and left us with this dross.’ That was insulting. But I probably needed time to come up with a few more tailor-made songs for the record.”

Jones wasn’t the only one who had an issue with the ‘It’s Hard’ album. Roger Daltrey also didn’t want the record to be released. During the recent conversation, Pete recalled Daltrey’s reaction and explained his side of the story:

“Roger came in and said, ‘I’m not agreeing to this album going out. It’s just not good enough.’ But we were contracted and we’d taken most of the fucking money. So we had to put it out. It should have been more diverse, or maybe it was too diverse. I don’t know. I’ve listened to it recently and it’s not half bad. Really, what The Who needed at the time was a fucking psychotherapist.”

The Only Song Roger Daltrey Liked From ‘It’s Hard’ Record

The Who singer didn’t have a positive view on their tenth studio album from the beginning. He even claimed that the album should never have been released.

There was only one song that Daltrey enjoyed singing from the ‘It’s Hard’ album. Roger admitted that ‘Cry If You Want’ was his favorite song from the record. He also mentioned that the song should have been released as a single. The singer explained:

“I think the statement, the song that most captures what the Who feel at the moment is a song called ‘Cry If You Want.’ I think it should have been the single. … I think that really does state how it feels to be 38 years old and singing in a rock band called the Who!”

‘It’s Hard’ received mixed reviews from The Who fans as well. However, Townshend seems to have no regrets about releasing the record.

You can listen to Roger Daltrey’s favorite song from ‘It’s Hard’ via YouTube below.