Mick Jagger Stuns Fans As He Didn’t Celebrate His Daughter’s Birthday On Instagram

The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger stunned his followers by not celebrating the birthday of his daughter and model, Georgia May Jagger.

Yesterday was a really important day for the young model because she stepped into her 29th birthday. She shared lots of birthday wishes she got from her friends via Instagram Stories, but Mick’s post was missing.

Unfortunately, Mick forgot to celebrate Georgia’s birthday on social media and didn’t share a single post either on Instagram or Twitter. Following this irresponsible behavior, he shocked the community.

As all people know that Mick loves to share his feeling about people on social media, it felt pretty disappointing to see that he wasn’t interested to celebrate this special day for Georgia.

However, this is not the first time Mick was insensitive. In May 2020 during the birthday of his son, Lucas Jagger, Mick celebrated his birthday but didn’t write anything besides a simple birthday message.

You can see how Mick celebrated Lucas’ birthday by clicking here.