Scott Rockenfield Claims Queensrÿche Bandmates Left Him No Choice Other Than Suing

Scott Rockenfield of Queensrÿche shared a statement about his earlier lawsuit, filed in October 2021, and explained why he ‘had to’ sue the band via Facebook. In the post the drummer shared his trial confirmation with a lengthy description. He wrote:

“[…] I have been and am still/currently an equal 1/3 owner/shareholder of the QR [Queensrÿche] brands/trademarks, and the facts are that my attorneys have been in ‘communication and attempting’ for almost 5 years now to attain an amicable resolve to these QR band matters […] unfortunately these attempts have led nowhere… So basically the situation now sets it all up with ‘no choice‘ but to go and have a ‘jury of peers‘ make whatever decisions they will decide to make…There are many truths that will need to be addressed…[…]”

Rockenfield had claimed he was dismissed from the band’s enterprises, referred to collectively as the ‘QR Companies,’ in court papers filed at a Washington state court on October 11. The drummer said he took a leave of absence while his girlfriend dealt with pregnancy, but maintained an active participation in the band’s business dealings.

Rockenfield also claimed not having received any payment from Melodisc, from merchandise, and from EMS since 2017.

The lawsuit declares that the drummer is ‘owed compensation for lost wages and profits, as well as an amount equal to the present fair market value of his equity interest in the QR Companies as of his wrongful dismissal, plus interest thereon.’

See Rockenfield’s full statement here.