Scorpions’ Klaus Meine Shares The Young Bands Ensuring Rock’s Future

In a recent interview with Brazil’s A Rádio Rock, Scorpions’ frontman Klaus Meine shared his thoughts on some of the newer rock bands that have caught his attention. Meine’s enthusiasm for these bands highlights his belief in the continued vitality of rock music.

Last year, Meine had spoken about the resilience of rock music, insisting that the genre was far from dead. He pointed to the Scorpions and their millions of fans worldwide as living proof of rock’s enduring spirit. The rocker had also discussed the various threats rock music faced over the years, including punk, alternative rock, rap, and hip-hop. Despite these challenges, he emphasized the strong global community of rock believers that continued to support the genre.

During his new interview with A Rádio Rock, Meine expressed his admiration for several young and upcoming bands. He praised Greta Van Fleet, a US-based band known for their Led Zeppelin-inspired sound, and Volbeat, a popular Danish rock band.

Meine acknowledged that while some of these bands have been around for a while, it’s encouraging to see a new generation of musicians carrying the torch for rock music. Klaus’s words were echoed by fellow Scorpions guitarist Matthias Jabs, who also mentioned Greta Van Fleet and the Swedish all-girls band Thundermother.

When asked to list some of the newer rock bands he has been listening to, the frontman replied:

“I always enjoy Greta Van Fleet. It’s one of those young, upcoming bands. Volbeat, it’s another great band. I don’t know if they are quite popular in Brazil. Over here [in Germany], you hear ’em a lot on rock radio.

There are a couple of great bands from the young generation. I mean, some of those bands, like Volbeat, they’re out there for quite a while. But it’s great to see that there’s a young generation of rock artists, musicians, bands that carry the flame and keep going.”

Despite facing numerous challenges throughout the years, rock continues to thrive and evolve, thanks in part to the dedication of legendary artists like the Scorpions and their unwavering belief in rock music. As new bands continue to emerge and carry the flame, the future of rock music remains bright and full of potential.