Scarlett Sabet On Led Zeppelin Icon Jimmy Page: ‘His Vision Is Unparalleled’

In her recent interview with Performance Anxiety, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page’s girlfriend and poet, Scarlett Sabet, talked about how Page encouraged her to self-publish her works and stated that he always supported her during the writing process and releasing a poetry album.

As you have already known, Scarlett Sabet is an accomplished poet and author of four poetry collections entitled ‘Rocking Underground,’ ‘The Lock And The Key,’ ‘Zoreh,’ and ‘Camille.’ She also released a spoken-word album named ‘Catalyst’ including Sabet’s eight poems in 2019 which was produced by her boyfriend, Jimmy Page.

During her recent interview, Sabet talked about Page’s great support and guidance since they met in her first poetry reading session. She stated that she can’t still forget Page’s words about her works saying ‘your words cut like a knife.’ Scarlett also revealed that she looked for a publisher for her works in the beginning, however, she gave up on that idea when Jimmy advised her to self-publish.

Scarlett Sabet stated that Page always asked her about the progress of her poems and collections and made suggestions about them. She defined Jimmy Page not only as of the man she is deeply in love with but also as her wise guide throughout her journey as an artist who self-publish her books and poetry album. According to her, Page’s support is the most pivotal thing in her career as an accomplished poet.

In Sabet’s words, she said:

“He came to me that poetry reading, my first poetry reading, and he just said ‘your words cut like a knife.’ It was such a pivotal night for me. In time, I knew that poetry was the thing that I was supposed to be doing. I know it was a very pivotal night in terms of Jimmy’s seeing me as a poet. Then, I was writing and after that point, we became closer friends and he always asked me how was my writing going.

The next summer, our romantic relationship started and I have been speaking to a publisher. I mentioned him and he said ‘I wouldn’t do it. You should self-publish.’ So he was the one who said self-publish my collections. I always give importance to his opinion and if he likes a poem, I trust his opinion and I always take suggestions because he is the artist I respect the most apart from being the man I love. His vision is unparalleled.”

In her recent statements, Scarlett Sabet reflected her respect for Jimmy Page’s suggestions about her career and for his unmatchable artistic vision. She emphasized that her boyfriend Jimmy Page had great contributions to her poetry collections and album.