Sammy Hagar Will Sell His Signature ‘Classic Rockin’ Red 5150’ Pizza To Support The Music Industry Workers

Former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar took his Twitter account to announce a recent collaboration with Rick Nielsen and revealed the details of his signature pizza which they will sell to aid the struggling workers of live music industry.

As you may know, since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, many musicians and bands had to postpone or cancel their live shows and tours for an uncertain date. In addition to the musicians themselves, the workers of live music industry had to struggle with the consequences of the Covid-19 precautions since most of them have lost their jobs.

Recently on Twitter, Sammy Hagar posted a picture with Rick Nielsen while they were holding their signiture pizza named ‘Classic Rockin’ Red 5150.’ In the caption of his photo, Hagar announced that he has teamed up with Nielsen to create his signature pizza and sell it to help the struggling live music industry. ‘Classic Rockin’ Red 5150 Pizza’ is a red pizza with extra Italian sausage, sauteed mushrooms, and onions caramelized in Brew Balance, which is Piece Chicago’s dry-hopped lager.

Apparently, Rick Nielsen asked Sammy to join him to create his own pizza which is sold for for $27 and $5 from every pizza sold benefits the Chicago Independent Venue League. The official announcement of CIVL, which is an organization represents more than 40 Chicago venues, mentioned that the pizzas will be availabe between January 14 and 31, 2021.

Here is how Sammy Hagar announced his lates collaboration:

When Rick Nielsen asked me to do this, obviously I didn’t have to think about it. All we had to do was come up with a name: Rick and Sammy’s Red Hot 5150 pizza!

p.s. Piece Chicago, for me, is one of the best pizzas in America.

You can see the tweet Sammy Hagar posted on his official Twitter account below.