Vince Neil Comments On Girlfriend Rain Hannah’s Photo Of Their New Dog After The Tragic Death Of Their Previous Dog

Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil’s girlfriend Rain Hannah posted a picture of their new dog named Willamina on Instagram and Vince showed his reaction to Willamina’s wearing the old outfit of their deceased dog, Cali Neil.

As you might remember, a couple of months ago Vince Neil and his longtime girlfriend Rain Hannah lost their beloved dog California Wolf Neil. Rain shared the sad news of Cali’s death on social media and revealed she was actually murdered by their neighbor’s dogs right outside of their house.

Since the death of their 6-year-old family member, Vince and Rain have been posting photos of their happy memories with Cali on social media. Rain Hannah has also been sharing the details of her healing process, including special prayers to help the physically departed, in this case, Cali, through her journey of spiritual departure from earth.

As a part of their healing process, the couple has welcomed a new dog to their family, Willamina. Recently on Instagram, Rain Hannah posted a picture of Willamina while she was wearing a pink sweater that belonged to their late dog, Cali Neil.

In the caption of her post, Hannah mentioned that Willamina has been getting smarter and prettier as she grows up. She also stated that their lovely new puppy actually enjoys wearing Cali Neil’s favorite sweater. In the comment section of the post, Vince Neil also showed his reaction to the adorable picture of the new member of their family. Vince stated that Willamina definitely has that ‘it factor.’

Here is what Rain Hannah stated in the caption of her post:

“Every day this little angel gets smarter and prettier 💗

Willamina loves Cali Neil’s favorite sweater 💖”

To which Vince Neil responded:

She has that it factor!!!

As you might know, after the devastating death of their dog, Vince and Rain have donated food to several animal shelters since they previously promised to dedicate the rest of their lives to protect animal rights in honor of their beloved dog, Cali.

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