John Lennon’s Son Julian On Writing One Of The Best Songs About Environment

The Beatle John Lennon’s son Julian Lennon has always had a deep concern for the planet and the environment. From the early days of his career, the singer has portrayed his thoughts through his song and lyrics. Julian recently mentioned to Goldmine Magazine that he is very proud of his song ‘Saltwater,’ one of the most all-rounded songs about the subject matter.

“I’m still pushing that song,” said Julian about ‘Saltwater,’ which he views as one of the best-written tracks about the environment and a plea for action against climate change. “Regardless of modesty, I still think it’s one of the best environmental and humanitarian songs ever written.”

“It is a very special song,” shared the singer about his intention behind the song, which is to remind everyone of the importance of protecting our surroundings instead of doing more harm each day without giving any thought to the consequences. “Not for my sake. It just needs to be heard to remind people of things we keep forgetting.”

The singer is known for his somewhat nomadic life, as he enjoys traveling and experiencing different regions and cultures. Specifically, getting the chance to experience Africa and South America has raised his awareness and encouraged his humanitarian aims in hopes of saving the places he visits. Although ‘Saltwater’ was released in 1991, it remains a song that has retained its message over the years and has become even more important and meaningful over the years.