Sammy Hagar Shares The Rehearsals Of A New Song Named ‘You Get What You Pay For’

Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar recently shared a post on his official Twitter page, announcing a brand new song entitled ‘You Get What You Pay For’ with his band The Circle. The Red Rocker revealed the rehearsal process of the song as well as the first time they performed it live during one of their Las Vegas shows.

Apart from being widely known for his tenure with Van Halen, Sammy Hagar formed a superband named Sammy Hagar and the Circle in 2014. The band consists of original Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony, drummer Jason Bonham, and guitarist Vic Johnson.

They released a live album called ‘At Your Service’ on May 19, 2015, and a live DVD of the same name in December of that same year. After Hagar debuted one of the new songs at his High Tide Beach Party & Car Show in 2018, the band eventually put out their original material named ‘Space Between‘ on May 10, 2018.

Hagar’s band is primarily focused on performing live rather than releasing new material as they have a busy schedule in their tour including shows in Las Vegas, Florida, New Jersey, and more. During their concerts as Sammy & The Circle, the band is focused to bring the classic Cabo experience with a theater that’s designed to capture the beach vibe.

While fans were expecting to see the energetic performance of the usual setlist from Sammy Hagar and the Circles during their show last night, the musician offer something more to their audience. They performed a brand new song named ‘You Get What You Pay For.’

The Red Rocker shared a video via his official Twitter page in which fans can see the band rehearsing the song and performing it on the stage for the first time. One of the most unique aspects of the song was also revealed by Hagar as he was spotted playing a Stratocaster, something he hadn’t done on stage in 25 years.

Hagar announced the new song with the following statement:

“From the dressing room rehearsal to the stage last night. New song ‘You Get What You Pay For.’ I don’t always play a Stratocaster (first time on stage in 25 years!), but when I do, I play my red one.”

You can check out the Twitter post below.