Sammy Hagar Says Performing An AC/DC Song Was The Highlight Of Vegas Residency

The Circle frontman Sammy Hagar shared an Instagram post in which he stated that performing one of AC/DC’s songs was the highlight of his Las Vegas residency.

As you may know, Sammy Hagar announced the concert dates for his Las Vegas residency ‘Sammy Hagar And Friends’ at The Strat Showroom back in June. The first shows of the residency took place on October 29 – 30 and November 5 – 6. As the four shows’ tickets sold out in less than two hours, new shows for November 12 and November 13 were also announced.

Throughout the residency, Sammy Hagar went on the stage with his band The Circle and some special guests. He performed songs from his career in Van Halen, Chickenfoot, Montrose, and his Wabos party band. Moreover, there were surprise additions to Hagar’s setlist.

According to Hagar’s recent Instagram post, it seems like one of these surprise additions was an AC/DC song. In the post, Hagar implied he was pretty pleased with the last show of the residency. He then stated there was no need for a setlist for the show as they played what they felt like. As Hagar said, among the other songs they played, AC/DC’s ‘Problem Child’ was the night’s highlight for him.

Furthermore, the singer said they played songs from his album ‘Turn Up The Music,’ Montrose’s ‘Make It Last,’ and a new song named ‘Be Still,’ which they performed live for the first time. Following that, Hagar revealed a new album is coming soon. He then thanked his fellow musicians who joined him on the stage and said they will be back in 2022.

Sammy Hagar’s Instagram post read:

“It doesn’t get much better than that to close out our 1st residency run! All the years playing with Mikey, Mona, Vic, and Bro came out like a wave of synchronicity. No setlist needed as we rode the jam from ‘Turn up The Music,’ to AC/DC’s ‘Problem Child’ (a highlight of the night for me and one I haven’t played in at least 20 years) to Montrose ‘Make it Last’ – the second song I ever wrote in my life – and ‘Be Still’ a new song we performed live for the first time (minus Jason) but yes — new album coming soon!

Thanks to all my friends who joined me on stage – Bobby, Rick, Mikey, Jason, Vic, Mona, Bro, and more. Great to catch up with my old friend Bryan Adams after the show at a little wrap party at the Cantina. Thanks to my friends at The Strat for bringing the party vibe to the other desert. And thanks to the Redheads, we’ve been on this ride a long time and we’re still just gettin’ started. We’ll be back in 2022!

Below, you can check out the photos Sammy Hagar included in the post.

Photo Credit: Sammy Hagar – Instagram