Brian May Reveals The One Thing He Did That Eric Clapton Hated

Queen guitarist Brian May recently gave an interview to Cleveland to talk about the ‘Star Fleet Project’ and one track in particular that he dedicated to Eric Clapton. May continued to share what he thought about Clapton’s song review. He expressed:

“I think he hated it! (laughs) But that’s OK; he’s entitled. He can do what he wants. I mean, Eric could do anything, and he’ll still be our hero. That’s the way it is. There’s probably lots of things I disagree with Eric about, but that doesn’t change anything.”

Eric did an interview with ‘Musician Magazine’ in 1986, and when asked what he thought of Brian’s tribute, he commented on the recording and said:

“It was so horrible. And they dedicated it to me. They sent me a copy, and I put it on, expecting something, and, you know, I was almost insulted that they should send this to me.”

He continued:

“Because they both… they can’t play! They took turns to play solos and just went head-at-it with everything they knew. And there was no dynamics, no build-up, no sensitivity. I was very disappointed.”

Even though Clapton’s words about the song weren’t in his favor, May shared with Cleveland that it didn’t change his feelings about the guitarist, adding:

“He’s been one of the greatest influences, inspirations of my life, and that’ll never change. I always get goosebumps if I get to be anywhere near him. When I’m playing with him, the couple of times I’ve done it, it’s a wonderful moment, experience.”

‘Brian May + Friends: Star Fleet Sessions’ was just released worldwide as a Deluxe Edition box set this past Friday as part of the guitarist’s ‘Brian May Gold Series.’

You can read Brian May’s interview with Cleveland here and listen to ‘Star Fleet Sessions’ below.