Sammy Hagar Says Led Zeppelin Is The Only Band He’d Front But Not When Robert Plant Is Alive


The Red Rocker Sammy Hagar’s cocktail brand Sammy’s Beach Bar Cocktail Co. recently posted a video of Hagar chatting to Jose Mangin about rock and roll bands. In the video, Hagar stated that the only band he would front would be Led Zeppelin.

Sammy Hagar has worked with many rock and roll acts throughout his career, which spans over 50 years. He started his career with Montrose and later established a solo career by releasing ‘I can’t drive 55.’ Between 1985 and 1996, he replaced David Lee Roth in Van Halen and then continued with bands like Chickenfoot and Sammy Hagar and the Circle.

In his recent appearance on Jose Mangin’s ‘Vinnie & Dimebag’s Limo,’ the rockstar stated that he doesn’t want to replace people in bands anymore. He was previously asked to join Aerosmith but had declined even though it was one of the most famous bands in the USA.

Mangin continued by asking him if there are any bands he would like to join. Although he had seemed very determined not to replace a lead vocalist again, the Red Rocker quickly responded with Led Zeppelin. Yet, he continued to say that he wouldn’t do it while Robert Plant is alive.

Here are Hagar’s words about Aerosmith:

“I was asked to be in Aerosmith, I said, ‘No.’ When Steve fell off the wagon at one time, the last time when he fell off the stage and all that. ‘Come on man! Join the band. We’ll go tour Europe and South America! We’ll try it out! If you’re happy, we’ll do it.’ I’m going, ‘I’m not gonna replace one more guy in my life.'”

Here is what he stated when he was asked if there is a band he’d like to join:

“Led Zeppelin but not when Robert is alive.”

As you know, Led Zeppelin disbanded after the death of their beloved drummer John Bonham. Even though they made a couple of appearances and one-time reunions in the past, they never officially reunited as a band. Hagar is known as a huge fan of Led Zeppelin, and he previously had stated that he doesn’t understand why the band refuses to reunite. In November, he speculated that there must be ‘bad blood’ between the band members.