Sammy Hagar Gets On Stage With A New Band While John Travolta Sits In The Audience

Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar recently posted a photo of himself and John Travolta on his Instagram account and revealed that the famous actor recently visited him at Cabo Wabo and watched him perform with his new house band.

Sammy Hagar is without a doubt one of the most well-known frontmen in the rock scene and he achieved worldwide fame as the lead vocalist of Van Halen and the founder of The Circle. However, Hagar is also known for his career as an entrepreneur.

He is the founder of Cabo Wabo, which is a nightclub and restaurant located in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. He also has a rum brand with the famous musician Rick Springfield named ‘Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum’ and his own tequila brand named ‘Santo Spirit’ which he founded the Emmy-award-winning chef and restauranteur Guy Fiery.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Sammy Hagar has been paying regular visits to Cabo San Lucas as the restrictions are a little softer in Mexico. Last night, he got on stage with Cabo Wabo’s new house band Julieta and he was thrilled to see that one of his favorite actors, John Travolta, was in the audience.

With his recent post, Hagar expressed his happiness for finally getting to meet ‘the one and only John Travolta.’ In the caption of his post, he disclosed that Travolta and he closed down the cantina last night and had a couple of drinks. Travolta also commented under the post and described Sammy as ‘simpatico’ while saying that he’s come to love him.

Here’s what Sammy Hagar said in the caption of his recent post:

“Last night at the Cabo Wabo I had the pleasure of closing my own cantina down with the one and only John Travolta. Not only was it a pleasure being on stage again acoustically and with the new house band Julieta, but one of your favorite actors being more than you ever imagined! The tequila and the stories were flowing.”

And John Travolta commented:

“Sammy! Simpatico! I feel the same. Love you.”

You can check out the photo that Sammy Hagar posted on his Instagram account below.

Photo Credit: Sammy Hagar – Instagram