Sammy Hagar Finally Completes Long-Awaited Project Featuring Fans

Don’t be sorry if you missed Sammy Hagar’s 75th epic birthday bash! The singer’s long-awaited ‘Sammy Hagar’s Paradise,’ which involved fans, is ready for streaming on Fox Nation. It gives an insight into the party while also diving into the story of Hagar’s career.

“I’ve been trying to get something like this done about the birthday bash since the beginning,” the frontman wrote on Twitter to let the fans know that the party was ready to stream and they could look out for themselves. “It finally got done right, and the fans are in it. Look for yourselves. It’s awesome.”

Hagar also shared a clip from the show and explained his intention behind such a big celebration. The vocalist said, “My 75th birthday was like something that in my mind. Before it happened, I was going, ‘I have to do something really special.’”

The Red Rocker did precisely that and went all out to celebrate the milestone with a big bang while inviting his fans to be part of the special night. He added, “The last I heard, the count was something like 59,000 people were trying to get 1,500 tickets. I think part of the beauty to everyone is coming down to Cabo San Lucas and just having the time of their lives; I love it.”

The time has come to enjoy the filmed night with fresh eyes. If you were there that night, then you can still relive the experience of a lifetime. Besides enjoying the extravagant birthday party, this show will also give you a sense of the rocker’s life as one of the most celebrated musicians in the music industry. If you’re ready to get watching, it’s waiting for you on Fox Nation.