Sammy Hagar Compares Mick Jagger’s Performance To Paul McCartney’s

It’s a tradition to promote and celebrate a new record with a tour, but Sammy Hagar seems determined to take a year off even though the Circle just released their latest album, ‘Crazy Times,’ a few months ago. He recently joined Eddie Trunk, and he discussed performing at an older age and the difference between the other elderly icons, Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney’s stage shows.

“At my age, I’m shocked to… that I still do all these,” exclaimed Hagar as he discussed the possibility of future shows. “And I’m not feeling pain, and I can still walk around the stage and run around and do all the stuff. [But] something’s gotta happen, you know? I gotta wake up one morning and go, ‘I can’t do [it] today,’ you know?”

While the frontman disclosed that he’s been thinking about a possible future retirement, he mentioned Mick Jagger and appreciated the 79-year-old rocker for being an avid performer. He continued, “I guess I’ll keep watching Mick. My man, Mick. It’s Mick Jagger’s out there, doing… He’s got a few years on me, and he’s amazing.”

When Trunk also noted that Paul McCartney was still rocking the stage at 80, Sammy stated that McCartney’s performances differed from Mick’s. Hagar argued, “But McCartney, he doesn’t run around. He pushes his voice, but he doesn’t perform, you know what I mean? He just goes out and kills some songs, you know? But Mick, he’s performing, dude. And that’s a performer. Steven Tyler’s a performer.”

Eddie Trunk then appreciated Tyler as well and mentioned seeing the Aerosmith frontman perform in Vegas two times in the last weeks. Following that, the Red Rocker also praised the icon’s energy and stamina. “I saw your Instagram post; I follow you, of course. And him [Steven] and Mick, those guys, I gotta look at them and go, ‘Well, I guess if they keep doing it, I’ll keep doing it.’ But someone’s gonna go, eventually. I mean, I don’t know, maybe not.”

Though Hagar didn’t close the door on performing for future gigs, it seemed like he is eager to enjoy all the time he has left as a performer. The Circle frontman had previously disclosed why he wouldn’t announce a farewell tour and keep his last show a secret. It is clear that Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler have set the bar too high, though.