Ed Sheeran Joins Justin Hawkins Onstage But The Darkness Fans Are Not Happy About It

Ed Sheeran’s surprise appearance with Justin Hawkins to perform ‘Love Is Only a Feeling’ in London displeases the Darkness fans.

The Darkness shared a clip of their performance with Sheeran on Instagram. However, under the comment section, there have been both some positive and negative responses from the band’s fans.

Mixed Reactions From The Fans

One of them wrote, addressing Sheeran:

“I’d be furious if I went to see the Darkness and he came out on stage.”

Another criticism said:

“Why the hell would Darkness fans wanna see this guy gate crash the lad’s gig?! Terrible.”

Defending Musical Collaborations

Still, one other fan targeted negative comments and came to the defense of the Darkness, noting:

“You people are just a pain in the a**! Let them be, for heaven’s sake! I’m not a fan of Ed, but this same thing happened when [Lady] Gaga played with Metallica. Artists don’t enjoy only the genres they play/work with. Before anything else, they are people that enjoy music. And music is supposed to break barries, not build walls. Stop being boring.”

A following remark was also more understanding of the situation, as they said:

“Look, I hate Ed Sheeran as much as the next fan. However, 1. He’s clearly having a blast, playing some decent music for a change. 2. Great publicity and hopefully more fans for the band.”

Another fan was receptive to Sheeran taking the stage with the band. The comment added:

“All this hate for Ed Sheeran. He’s a real music geek and a talented guy. I’m pretty certain The Darkness wouldn’t entertain it if they didn’t like him. Lay off of Ed, for f*ck’s sake.”

Sheeran’s Longtime Admiration For The Darkness

It is known that Ed is a big fan of the Darkness and had them open for him on his 2019 Divide Tour. Before joining Hawkins on the stage, Sheeran performed a surprise six-song set and expressed his admiration for the band. He mentioned buying their 2003 debut album’ Permission to Land’ at age 13 and said that opening for them was a dream of his. He addressed the audience, saying:

“It was always my ambition to be onstage with them one day. Check me out on MySpace… I hope you like it… If you don’t, it’s only half an hour.”

The six songs Sheeran performed featured his popular tracks ‘Bad Habits,’ ‘Shape of You,’ and ‘Thinking Out Loud,’ as well as a mix of his song ‘Don’t’ and Blackstreet’s ‘No Diggity.’

You can see the Darkness’ Instagram post here and watch the full performance below.