David Paich On How To Manage Big Egos In Toto

In a recent conversation with Face Culture, Toto keyboardist and co-founder David Paich explained the band’s inner dynamics and how to make it work without personal benefits.

As musical acts consist of different minds and personalities, this could also result in conflicts and bitter feelings between bandmates. After all, every musician wants to portray their talent by fronting their respective band. This particular need, unfortunately, might lead to eventual departures and even the dissolution of successful acts.

David Paich put an emphasis on this particular matter as he revealed an insight into Toto’s inner dynamics and how their system works. While discussing the musical chemistry between the band members, the musician stressed that each of his bandmates knew to listen and to work well together. Paich explained that covering other musicians’ songs required embracing the music as if it was their own. The band members also needed to have their space to play covers in harmony as a group.

The musician said the following about how to work well as a band:

“Total musical chemistry and like-minded musicians. You have to have the technique; you have to have your technique down and your ability to play in ears and your ability to listen a lot as a songwriter. That’s what you try to do when you play other people’s songs; I think you try to play like it’s your own song and imagine that way, so you need room and space for the singer and the various parts of the arrangement to flow.”

When the host asked Paich about the band’s lack of egos, the Toto musician quoted Quincy Jones’ statement about being egoless. David expressed that grasping the group work was vital for a band to function. The musician and his bandmates have embraced the motto while working on their projects and performances. To him, working without one’s egos and listening to other fellow bandmates result in harmonious performances and a successful duration of the band’s career.

Paich explained:

“You gotta leave the egos at the door; that’s what Quincy Jones always says, ‘Check your ego at the door.'”

You can watch the full interview below.