Sammy Hagar Clarifies If There Was Any Dispute Within The Circle While Choosing The Songs For ‘Lockdown 2020’

Axt Tv shared a post on its official Twitter page revealing a sneak peek of The Circle frontman Sammy Hagar‘s interview on how the band has chosen the tracklist for their cover album ‘Lockdown 2020’ which consisted of 11 songs from their ‘Lockdown Sessions’ during a recent interview.

As many of you recall, The Circle has started to perform ‘Lockdown Sessions’ in which band members cover legendary songs since the coronavirus pandemic started back in March, and the people started to stay in their houses in order to be safe for most of the time.

The sessions have become so triumphant that the band has decided to turn the covers into a cover album and The Circle album named ‘2020 Lockdown’ which consists of 11 songs such as AC/DC‘s ‘Whole Lotta Rosie,’ ‘Right Now‘ and ‘Don’t Tell Me What Love Can Do‘ by Van Halen, and Bob Marley‘s ‘Three Little Birds’ was released over a month ago.

Since The Circle performed many cover songs from multiple bands and musicians throughout the ‘Lockdown Sessions,’ during a recent interview with Axs Tv, Sammy Hagar was asked how the band members narrowed their options into 11 for their brand new album.

Here is what the interviewer said:

“The latest single is ‘Heroes.’ It’s Sammy Hagar and The Circle. The new album is a collection of the songs that you’ve done during the pandemic. There were eleven songs total. How did you curate and decide which songs to cover? Because there are so many good ones and with four great people in the band. I’m sure there are sometimes where you guys were like, ‘no it’s my turn to pick the song.'”

Sammy Hagar revealed that every band member took turns in order to decide the songs are going to cover and include in their album, ‘Lockdown 2020.’ However, Hagar stressed the fact that all of the members of The Circle get along quite well, therefore, despite each member chose a song taking turns, the tracklist was determined by all of them ultimately.

Here is what Hagar said:

“You got that right. So after I picked the first few, everybody said, ‘Hey man, I wanna pick one too.’ So being in a band, we just said, ‘Okay Mikey it’s your turn’ and ‘Hey Jason it’s your turn,’ and ‘Vic it’s your turn.’ So we kind of took turns but we all really did agree. I was never like, ‘Oh god, oh well, okay we’ll do it because you wanna do it.’ We never had the thing, The Circle we get along so good. We love music and The Circle’s put together as a live band to go out and play the songs from all of our catalogs, you know, from Van Halen, from early Sammy, Montrose, Chickenfoot, Led Zeppelin.”

You can see the Twitter post below.