Ryan Tedder Shares The Story Behind OneRepublic’s New Song ‘Run’

OneRepublic members shared a video on their official YouTube account in which they reflected on the making process of their new album. The band’s frontman Ryan Tedder also revealed the interesting story behind one of the songs.

OneRepublic released their fifth studio album, ‘Human,’ on August 27, 2021, after five years of break. The album was originally planned to be released in early 2020, but it was pushed to the later months because the band needed more time to work on it. Later on, it was postponed once again due to the pandemic, and it was finally released through the end of August.

‘Human’ involves twelve tracks in total, and six singles had already been released to promote the album. During the conversation on YouTube, the band members named the song ‘Run,’ which is the fifth released single, as the easiest song of their new album. The song was released on May 5, 2021, three months before the release of the entire album.

After revealing that ‘Run’ was the easiest song to write, Ryan Tedder also told the story behind this song. He remembered the moment when the bassist and cellist of the band Brent Kutzle sent him the song. Tedder explained that he was going for a run at the time, and the lyrics caught his attention from the first moment he heard them.

It was an interesting coincidence for him as he felt like someone wrote a song specifically for him, and when he told Brent that, he also confirmed that his intention was to make the frontman feel that way.

Ryan Tedder’s words on ‘Run’:

“‘Run’ was the easiest song to write. Brent gave me a lap. God bless him, he sent me the track and I remember I was going for a run, shockingly which is what I do. I was going for a run, I put on the song as I was running and I heard different lyrics. I was like this is incredible. It is almost like someone wrote a song about me for me. I told Brent that and he said that’s what I did.”

You can watch the entire conversation about the new album and also listen to ‘Run’ below.